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    職位名稱:Purchasing Manager
    Position Purpose (Describe briefly in 3-5 lines why this position is needed and the unique contribution it makes to the Company.) Provide high quality purchasing and warehouse management service to sales, manufacturing and other business operations so as to help Company to achieve its business goals and objectives Major Responsibilities (List all the key tasks (preferably 5-7) which the incumbent is responsible for.) Purchasing Part " Responsible for all sourcing activities of the department and to define supplier sourcing strategy on a quarterly basis. " Search, plan, and qualify with technical and QC teams for all 2nd and 3rd suppliers of all processes and products. " Create supplier selection tools/evaluation documents for company use. " Identify needs and priorities for new suppliers based on each product status majoring in: o Steel Tubes for sonic tube production o Full steel bars for all coupler models o Casting and forging o Machine and equipment suppliers o Plastic components o Geotech engineered plastics " Coordinate sample qualification from new and existing suppliers. " Keep records and log book of supplier visits, communications, etc. " Present progress reports quarterly and after each supplier visit. " Support QC and technical teams in explaining technical requirements for new product development. " Establish Purchasing policy, strategy, and planning based on the needs of production and sales teams. " Negotiating and administration of purchasing contracts on yearly basis for existing suppliers and immediately with new suppliers. " Confirm/Approve standard PO's with terms according to standard contracts with suppliers and company policy. " Make sure department is following company purchasing legal, technical, and systemic policies. " Responsible for price, payment terms, delivery terms, and legal negotiations with suppliers. " Obtain and review all supplier quotations for all materials and inform accounting/production/sales teams for costing. " Ensure suppliers meet all technical and quality specifications. Negotiate and organize return/scrap of defective parts from warehouse. Request suppliers for preventive/corrective action. "
    Personal Attributes: Proactive Can-do attitude Agile and flexible Can work under presure
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