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    職位名稱:Maintenance Manager
    Position Title: 維修經理Maintenance Manager Reports to (Position): 制造部經理/Manufacturing Manager Department: 制造部/Manufacturing Dept Location: 廣州/Guangzhou Positions reporting directly to this position: 維修工程師 Maintenance Engineer Position Purpose (Describe briefly in 3-5 lines why this position is needed and the unique contribution it makes to the Company.) ? 負責公司設備/設施的預防維護及故障維修 In charge of machine and facilities preventive maintenance and broken-down repair. ? 負責建筑物的維修及所有安裝工作 Supervise all necessary actions for the upkeep of building or installation. ? 建立及應用作業指導書及程序 Define and apply the instructions and procedures. ? 督導和協調工廠內有關EHS事宜 Supervise and coordinate the actions of setting in compliance of EHS policy of the site. Major Responsibilities (List all the key tasks (preferably 5-7) which the incumbent is responsible for.) MANAGEMENT: ? 管理維修部的日常工作確保拉擠線、機加工設備、鍛壓機、鍍鋅線、熱處理線及公共設施的正常運行。當發生故障時,在最短的時間內提供配件并修復設備。 Manage the work of maintenance department to ensure Fibergalss line, machining equipment, forge machine, galvanization line, heat treatment line and public facilities smoothly running, breakdown service and an assistance of the machines and materials within the shortest time. ? 管理預防維護及配件。 Manage preventive maintenance and spare parts needed. ? 對購買設備或材料等固定資產的投資發表關于技術性方面的意見。 Express a technical opinion compared to the investment regard the purchases of new materials or machine. 參與預算制定; Participate in drafting the book of charges; 負責和協調新設備/材料的安裝調試; Ensure and coordinate the installation of new materials or machines; 應對提高產品質量和降低成本的要求改良設備。 Propose and set up the improvement of machine to improve product quality and/or reduce costs. ? 管理下屬 Manage staff 借助于工作周報,管理維修人員的工作效率; Control maintenance people productivity by the means of work and weekly sheet; 管理維修人員的提升及職業發展; Manage the career and the promotion of maintenance people; 建立維修人員的培訓需求。 Define the needs for training his personnel. GENERAL SERVICES: ? 維護配電系統、空壓機、空調系統、建筑物等確保其維持要求的高質量狀態。
    Professional/ Specific Skills (management, technical, etc): ☆ Sound knowledge and experience in production equipment and public facilities repair & maintenance, especially the experience in glass fiber line, machining equipment, forge machine, galvanization line, heat treatment line, air compressor, air conditioner, forklift, fire system and so on. 良好的生產設備和公共設施保養、維修方面的工作經驗,特別是拉擠線、機加工設備、鍛壓機、鍍鋅線、熱處理線、空壓機、空調、叉車、消防系統等。 ☆ Sound knowledge in PLC, automation control system, mechanical mechanism, hydraulic circuit and pneumatic equipment. 對PLC、自動化控制系統、機械裝置、液壓和氣動回路有良好的認識與了解。 ☆Good knowledge and experience in equipment and maintenance management, set up well total productive maintenance program as well as spare parts stock to minimize machine stop time and maintenance cost. 對設備與維修工作的管理具備良好的知識及經驗,能建立很好的全員生產維護備件管理方面。 ☆ Develop, purchase as well as improve, modify equipment to meet with the requirements of developing new product, improve product quality, increasing productivity and ensuring safety. 能應發展新產品、改善產品質量、提高生產率、改善安全等需要發展、購買新設備及改良、改裝現有的設備。
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